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Ready for the dirt bike enduro holiday of your lifetime?

Our Romanian dirt bike enduro tours can be fully customised to suit different skill levels and ages for groups up to 10 riders... all the way from easy dirt rides through to training for Romaniacs.  A one minute ride out of our villa in a picturesque village and you are into enduro paradise - an incredible range of tracks, crossing beautiful creeks way up into tall mountains.


Then it's back to our renovated farmhouse where we've got it all. A hot tub. Cold beer. Home cooked meals. Hot showers. And fresh mountain air that guarantees a good nights sleep... then do it all again. 


A long riding season (April-Oct), agreeable climate coupled together with literally thousands of kilometres of trails, traditional forests, open meadows, creeks, rivers, valleys, and mountains to suit all riding abilities - and all literally outside your front door on dirt bike tours with Carpathian Adventures.

Our tours are all-inclusive. You arrange to get yourself and your riding gear to either Sibiu or Cluj-Napoca International Airport and we will look after everything else. You shouldn't need to put your hand in your pocket on our tours.


It really is that simple with Carpathian Adventures. Every day you tell us what your agenda is and we’ll look to make it happen.

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